SIFT comments on Scotland's IFGs

Date: 14/10/2013

Following a consulataion for the Scottish Inshore Fisheries Group (IFG), SIFT believes that their proposed management is lagging far behind their equivalents south of the border, both in terms of resources and overall remit. SIFT's director, Charles Millar stated; “There is little doubt that the management and compliance monitoring of Scotland’s inshore waters is being starved of resources and falls far behind the situation in England. In essence Scotland is trying to manage inshore fisheries that cover almost twice the length of England’s coast with less than 25% of the budget. The Scottish Government’s current review of the proposals of IFGs represents a great opportunity for Scotland to redress the balance and show its commitment to the sustainable management of our valuable coastal seas”.

 For SIFTs response to the IFG proposals in For Argyll, please follow the link;

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