SIFT’s aim is to establish a new management regime for the Firth of Clyde so that the Firth can again support a sustainable, economically viable mixed fishery for everyone's benefit. We would like this new management regime to be run by a mix of local stakeholders and to restrict the range of the more damaging forms of fishing, by creating separate zones for different fishing methods.

SIFT’s proposals

Our full proposals for the new management regime for the Clyde were submitted to the Scottish Government in 2015, and formed an application for a Regulating Order, which is a piece of legislation granted by Scottish Ministers under the terms of the Sea Fisheries (Shellfish) Act 1967. Regulating Orders are intended to improve the management of a natural shellfishery by granting fishing rights to a successful applicant. A full copy of our Regulating Order application is set out, here.

We also summarise our proposals in a separate document, here.


Our proposals were subject to a consultation by Marine Scotland in early 2016. The consultation generated considerable support from a very wide range of stakeholders. There were also objections, overwhelmingly from the mobile gear (trawl and dredge) fishery and its associates. A selection of sample responses is available here.

Ministerial decision

The decision by the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity to reject our Regulating Order was made in July 2016. A copy of his letter is here.

Revive The Clyde

SIFT has launched a campaign to gather public support to change the way fisheries are currently managed in the Firth of Clyde. The Revive the Clyde campaign gives you the opportunity to pledge your support for the Clyde Charter, to encourage the Scottish Government to bring about much-needed change. This change will incorporate the following key principles:

  • Revive the Firth of Clyde marine environment.
  • Support a diverse fishery, boosting jobs and the local economy.
  • Promote fisheries management based on local input and scientific advice

To sign up and support the Clyde Charter and the revival of the Clyde, visit



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