SIFT aims to promote the sustainable development of Scotland’s inshore fisheries in line with four key principles, which we set out below:

An ecosystem approach

The ecosystem approach is a strategy for the integrated management of land, water and living resources that promotes conservation and sustainable use in an equitable way. In recent decades, Scotland’s inshore fish stocks have not been managed in this way.

Fairness and the public interest

Scotland’s inshore fishery is owned by the people of Scotland and administered on their behalf by the Scottish Government. SIFT promotes the principle of fairness to ensure that the fishery serves the public interest rather than the narrow interests of some of those who fish it commercially.

Sound administration

SIFT promotes the sound administration of Scotland’s inshore fisheries. This requires the management regime to be transparent about how it operates and how it serves the public interest. SIFT also advocates that the fisheries be managed at appropriate temporal and spatial scales, and all management bodies be properly accountable for their actions.

Knowledge based decision-making

SIFT believes that our inshore fisheries can only be managed sustainably if there is good knowledge of the workings of the inshore ecosystem and how human activity impacts upon it. Accordingly we promote monitoring and data collection about the ecosystem and fishery impacts.  Management must ensure that decisions are based upon the best available scientific information. Where insufficient information is available then management should adopt a precautionary approach.




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